Neptune is the place where all the hard work takes place. I especially bought high end components to ensure the best performance while programming, editing video, etc. It is running a Intel Core i9 9900k with 32GB of RAM and two GPUs (RTX 2080 and GTX 1070 Ti). The main reason of why I am running two GPUs is pretty simple. Many programmers use macOS or Linux to develop applications (as y'know, windows is a little bit out of date for me 😂). So my computer is running macOS High Sierra (with my 1070 Ti) for programming and Windows 10 (with my RTX 2080) for video editing.

HP Spectre X360

My laptop is my key to the digital world when I am not home (essentially the meaning of a laptop 😂). I also tend to use it instead of a Chromebook at school as 1. it's like a flex and 2. the school chromebooks are terrible. I also have Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 installed on there to still be able to do the tasks that I do on Neptune. The laptop is running a Intel Core i7 1065G7 and 8GB of RAM. In my opinion its a perfect mix for light video editing and coding.

Xiaomi Mi 9

I am not that kind of person who likes to spend all of his time browsing TikTok and such. So thats why I own this phone. It's perfect for what I like doing the most, nothing. It has great battery life and a lot of performance for when I feel like playing games such as Among Us (😂). Currently its running MIUI 12 but i've been thinking of installing a custom ROM on it so I can have better battery life and such.

HP DL360E Gen 8

My server used to be the home to where this entire platform was hosted on, but unfortunately because of Spanish regulations. It is currently retired until I figure out a way to port-forward it to the web. It used to run things like Minecraft Servers, Web servers, Databases, etc. But right now its just sitting under couch waiting for a home (😑).

HP Microserver Gen 8

As of right now my Microserver is only a really large NAS. It stores data such as Movies, Music, etc. It used to store my email server but because of spanish regulations not allowing me to port forward, I moved my email server to digitalocean together with Kubernetes. The server is running Proxmox (Debian 9) with some virtual machines like plex, samba, etc.