David Ilie

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About Me

Hello there! I'm David, a 14 year old programmer/streamer who (for some reason) has a unique interest in technology and it works/evolves. I don't know how I got introduced to electronics, it might have my Father's career, or just me discovering the huge realm that the internet has to offer. I initially began with low-level programming language like HTML and CSS, but moved on to high level programming languages like Java and NodeJS. I think that the main reason I wasted my time developing this website was to further expand my knowledge of frontend development and as you can very well see, I am not the best at designing web pages. However, I like to think of this page as a learning curve for me to further experiment with frontend programming.

My Projects

To be honest I never was the best student at school. I am a self-taught programmer. I think that the main aim of this website is to share my ideas and progression with them on topic that interest me. A lot of my personal time is taken up by software / electronics development. I want to try and develop a format that combines the full process of a developer (reasoning, explanations, problems) into one easy blog post/video for people to learn. Bringing innovation and storytelling together.

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    Project Status
  • 1
    A simple discord bot coded in discord.js
  • 2
    David Ilie Platform
    A advanced web platform deployed on Kubernetes/Rancher
  • 3
    A simple way to manage all your school needs.
    Work in Progress

Future Ideas (Teach myself in 2020)

  • Blockchain
  • Finish learning Java, React and Next JS
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation