David Ilie

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About Me

Hello there! I'm David, a 14 year old tech enthusiast who loves electronics and how they work. From a young age I loved the idea of electronics. I don't know if it was my father's so called "Programming" or me discovering our family computer (very slow by the way), those two main things taught me that behind any computer there is brand new virtual world for me to discover. From that point I started making websites (basic ones) but then proceeded to learning more programming languages, these can include: Python, Java, CSS, Javascript and HTML. The main purpose of this website is to express my learning of programming and also some projects that I waste most my time working on. The domain "davidilie.com" has a bunch of hidden subdomains which lead to some of my projects. Anyways, hope you will enjoy my website as much I enjoyed coding it.

My Projects

I was never the best student at school. Most of my learning was from Youtube videos or StackOverflow (😂). The main aim of this website / channel is to share my thoughts, insights and developments on subjects that concern me. Much of my personal time is taken up on software / electronics development. My aim is to develop a video format to record the reasoning, the explanations and the problems I experience during the learning process. Bringing innovation and storytelling together.

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    Project Status
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    A simple discord bot coded in discord.js
  • 2
    David Ilie Platform
    A advanced web platform deployed on Kubernetes
    Work in Progress
  • 3
    A simple way to manage all your school needs
    Work in Progress
  • 4
    Mercedes Remote Diagnosis
    A efficient way to find issues with your vehicle
    Work in Progress

Future Ideas (Teach myself in 2020)

  • The C Family
  • Blockchain
  • Finish learning Java, React and Next JS
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation