I'm David Ilie

First of all, who am I?

I'm a 15 year old software developer and full-time student. I've been interested into computer science ever since I was younger but never got into proper development until about 2 years ago, it's always kept me going and motivated throughout the years which is why I want to pursue it in the future. For a while i've found myself looking into how a website functions, but I never tried doing it myself until recently. The goal of this website is to express my "experiments" to the public, while getting feedback in the process.

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

I like bringing my ideas to reality, by producing simple but powerful code.

Technologies I use:

React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS

Tools I use:

Visual Studio Code


Adobe Illustrator

Pen & Paper

Backend Developer

Backend Developer

I value fast API calls and efficent code.

Technologies I use:

MongoDB, Express, GraphQL, NodeJS

Tools I use:

Visual Studio Code

MongoDB Compass


Windows Terminal

Content Creator

Content Creator


Software I use:

Adobe Premiere & Photoshop

Content I produce:


David Ilie

And much more...

Secondly, what am I doing here?

I like to have most of my code (including this website) open source on my GitHub for others to see, rate, and give me their opinion. In addition, keeping my code open source gives me the benefit of having a good-looking GitHub profile, which is key for the future of my career. Furthermore, I also like to write posts over on my blog regarding things that I encounter these days while working on projects. Below, you can see an example of a project:

Personal Website14/06/21

Last updated 2 days ago TypeScript

Personal Website

This website has been my testing grounds since it has been created. It allowed me to experiment with different technologies/different techniques and so on. The website uses NextJS along with TailwindCSS, and I am having a blast working on it.

Want to see more projects? Go to the projects page

Finally, how can you contact me?

Using this form below, you can send me a message.