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    A simple discord bot coded in discord.js
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    David Ilie Platform
    A advanced web platform deployed on Kubernetes/Rancher
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    A simple way to manage all your school needs.
    Work in Progress

My Goal

I've been making projects for a very long time. You can't see them here but they have been the main reason I still continue to code, these simple but intuitive projects just keep me interested in this topic. I always never loose interest in a project/concept, if I mess up a huge chunk of code, i don't give up, i just stay up till 1 AM to fix it. All the work on this website are just personal projects I developed in my spare time, which you may use for free and view all the source code on github!

My Skills


HTML and CSS are essentially the building blocks for frontend pages. HTML and CSS have existed for a very long time and its the gold standard for basic web pages. I will soon be implementing some of my programs on the web, to make it easily accessible to a wider audience. Front end is not my strongest aspect, so this website allowed me to further experiment outside of my comfort zone.


Java is in my opinion one of the most fun programming language to learn. Even though it's complicated it allows me to fully control what my program does, which helps me a lot as I like to know exactly what my program does. I have written several interesting applications like an API for this website (Spring), and also many Minecraft mods/plugins.


Javascript is essentially a simple version of Java as it's must simpler to use. Javascript is also commonly used for backend frameworks like Express but also for many frontend frameworks like React / NextJS. I personally use Javascript in a lot of my projects as its simple to code with it and then deploy it to Kubernetes for the world to see.