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    Project Status
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    A simple discord bot coded in discord.js
  • 2
    David Ilie Platform
    A advanced web platform deployed on Kubernetes
    Work in Progress
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    2 Gamers 1 CPU
    A quick way to have two game instances on one PC
    Not Finished
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    Mercedes Remote Diagnosis
    A efficient way to find issues with your vehicle
    Work in Progress

My Goal

I've been making projects for a long time (2014 to be exact). I'm pretty sure I've made more than 100 projects but most of them aren't documented. For some reason I never lose motivation for this topic. If I mess up a huge chunk of code which breaks my entire app for example, I don't give up, I just move on to finish it. It's just a unique feeling and I think most people have it to things that they love. All the work on this website are personal projects I developed in my spare time, which you may use for free and view all the source code on github!

My Skills

HTML, CSS and Javascript

They are the main building steps to building a website. You may know that this website is coded in HTML, CSS and JS but as a backend I am using React. I will soon be implementing some of my programs on the web, to make it easily accessible to a wider audience. Front end is not my strongest aspect, so this website allowed me to further experiment outside of my comfort zone.


Where do I start (😂). Java is in my opinion one of the most interesting languages to learn as it allows me to experiment/deploy profession/fun things to the web. I am using Spring Boot for background processes which is written in Java. However I also use Java to add fun things to minecraft (😀)


I have not used Python in a while. It is a nice platform for making simple bots/tasks, however I like expanding on that and making actually useful multi-purpose applications. My discord bot (GBot) was coded in Python before I learned Javascript.