My projects

A quick collection of my projects.

Personal Website14/06/21

Last updated 5 days ago TypeScript

Personal Website

This website has been my testing grounds since it has been created. It allowed me to experiment with different technologies/different techniques and so on. The website uses NextJS along with TailwindCSS, and I am having a blast working on it.

ShareX Upload Server22/08/21

Last updated 27 days ago TypeScript

ShareX Upload Server

I've always wanted a good way to store screenshots/files/etc on my server and not on my computer. When I discovered ShareX (and it's custom uploader feature), I knew I wanted to create my own advanced uploader with support for all upload types, and a nice frontend to go with it.

Personal Dashboard04/07/21

Last updated 4 months ago TypeScript

Personal Dashboard

I've always had a dashboard setup which allows me to keep track of all my services. I decided to create one myself, using Next.js and Tailwind CSS. Once I showcased it to Reddit, it recieved much interest to make it customizable, which is what I am working on now.


A list of all my public repositories on GitHub.